Heidi and Paul

Michael and Colleen

Sunset at Danversport Yacht Club

View from Gore Vidal’s 5,000 square-foot Italian Villa, La Rondinaia (The Swallow’s Nest), which he sold in 2003. This was a 2 minute walk from Hotel Giordano where the bride and groom stayed. Ravello has such amazing views. I can’t wait to return.

View from Hotel Villa Maria in Ravello at night.

Bride and Groom sharing a dance at the Villa Maria in Ravello, Italy.

In this snapshot after the reception, the bride is saying in Italian, “Fabrizio, thank you for the balloons… now get out of my suite so I can be alone with my husband!”

Members of the wedding party decorating the bridal suite at the Hotel Giordano in Ravello, Italy.

This is a photo from my first wedding upon returning from a summer in Italy. It was a big wedding with a young crowd who kept the dance floor packed all night. Reception was held at the top floor of the Omni Parker House in Boston.

Bridesmaids singing “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” during the wedding reception.

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